Full market research service not only in the CEE region

We are an independent market research and public opinion survey agency. We focus especially on Central and Eastern Europe, but we provide a full market research service in all European countries. We carry out most types of research projects, provide strategic partnership, business intelligence and risk analysis.

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We are specialist on Central, Eastern & Northern Europe

We provide our research services not only in the countries of Central & Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, but all over Europe. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we are also able to carry out your research projects in most Asian countries or, for example, in South America. CEE ULTEX senior officers are members of the European Association ESOMAR.

About us

CEE ULTEX (formerly Global Dynamics) is an independent market research, public opinion research and strategic consultancy agency, which was founded with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe and now covers the whole of Europe with its research projects. To maximize the efficiency of our research, we have developed unique methods to provide our clients with more quality and actionable data.


CEE ULTEX offer you the full market research service. We offer both quantitative surveys based on nationwide representative samples of respondents and qualitative research, be it e.g. Focus Group Discussions or In-Depth Interviews or Consumer Surveys or Business-to-Business Research. Being oriented on full service, we conduct all types of market research projects.

  • 145 satisfied clients
  • 1000+ projects
  • 100+ team
  • 45 countries


Satisfaction with our work creates long-term relationships with clients.

  • Patrick Huber

    Patrick Huber, managing director Random SA

    I have collaborated with Mr Karel Vopicka from Ultex for more than 15 years. Ultex was in charge of recruiting consumers F2F within specific quotas. They were able year after year to recruit new consumers and guarantee the needed quality. They manage a good a reliable field force all over the country. They recruited at least 40‘000 consumers for our needs.

  • Ludvík Szabó

    Ludvík Szabó, Philip Morris ČR a.s.

    I have cooperated with Karel Vopička for over fifteen years. His reliability, professionalism, flexibility and high level of expertise have always been guaranty of the highest quality of realized projects. If you are looking for professional partner, do not hesitate with your choice.

  • Monika Šudomová

    Monika Šudomová, key account manager MediaAge

    We recommend Ultbus to our clients, because market recommendations can be effectively made out of Ultbus' outputs.

  • Filip Kořínek

    Filip Kořínek, managing director Easylink

    We cooperated with Ultex on several projects. Their performance was always professional, results followed expectations, comunication was problem-free. We always like to work with partners like this.

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Since our work in CEE countries started in 1991, we thank all our satisfied clients who have enabled us to gain more than 30 years of practical experience in these markets.

research methods

When conducting the commisioned projects, we use many different methodologies and techniques.

Our trained and experienced interviewers carry out face-to-face interviews in respondents´ households or in respondents´ working places, or conduct computer-aided telephone interviews, or mailing surveys.

Moreover, we carry out hall tests (incl. tasting food, or testing packages, draft advertisement etc.), household tests, and run household panels or retail outlets panels, etc.

  • Research and market analysis
  • Special projects
  • U&A studies
  • Media and advertising research
  • Business-to-business surveys
  • Concepts, services and products testing
  • Research on the retail, wholesale and distribution channels
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Public opinion


Please do not hesitate to ask us to send you any information you need, send us your inquiry about any project you may require. We shall be happy to provide you with our quotations or to personally meet you to show you our products and to discuss a possible cooperation.